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When you own a cottage, you will always find that the tool that you need is at the wrong location; either you are at the cottage and the tool is at home, or vice-versa. In our case, because we have a boathouse, we find that even when we have the appropriate tool at the right location, it may not be in the right building. Unless you buy tools specifically for the cottage, you will always have this problem. This solution, however, can be very expensive.

Here are some pointers concerning tools:

Hand Tools

Hand tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers and pliers need to be available at all times so that you can lay your hands on them for small unplanned jobs, and it will be worth your while to have at least a basic set at both home and cottage.

Garden Tools

Again, you need these handy for whenever you may need them, so it's worth having a spade, trowel, garden fork and rake specifically for the cottage. You may want to include pruning shears and a small bow saw for dealing with trees and bushes. For mowing the lawn (if you have larger expanses of grass), you really don't want to transport an unwieldy power mower between home and cottage (even if you have a vehicle large enough to take it), so it makes sense to keep one at the cottage. Depending on the terrain on your lot, a gas-powered lawn mower may be more appropriate than an electric one. Another alternative is a push-mower, which will give you lots of exercise, but may not be too practical if your grassy expanse is uneven. Wheelbarrows and ladders are also awkward to transport, and you may want to take the same approach of keeping one at the cottage. If your lot is well treed, you will find a chainsaw useful, and you will probably be able to leave it at the cottage if you have little need of it at home.

Power Tools

Power tools fall into one of two simple categories; small or large. Small power tools such as drills, sanders, and hand-held rotary saws are probably cheap enough that it won't break the bank to buy additional ones for the cottage. Larger power tools such as table saws, radial arm saws, mitre saws and planers are usually used for projects rather than maintenance, and, because of their cost and their occasional use, you may decide not to have more than a single one of each, and to transport them to the cottage only when you need them. The trick is to decide which tools you always want to have on hand, and which ones you are prepared to transport from one location to another for occasional projects.

Winter Equipment and Tools

If you are going to use your cottage in winter, then you will need at least one snow shovel there. If you arrive there soon after a snowfall, the shovels need to be in a handy accessible place so that you can quickly clear your parking space or driveway. If you are using the cottage more frequently, then you may also want to consider having a gas-powered snow-blower. Again, it needs to be easily accessible, together with your gas containers.
If you need to shovel the snow off the roof in winter, then your ladder should be kept in an accessible place. Under the cottage will not be appropriate if there is three feet of snow on the ground.

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