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Buying a Cottage - Considerations

Why buy a cottage? The dream.

So why do you want to buy a cottage? Are you suffering from some unexpressed primeval urge to return to the wild, to escape from the city periodically, to vegetate in a boat and hang a hook over the side? Do you want your own retreat so you can indulge your love of skiing, canoeing, sailing, or hunting? Or do you simply want to snub the Jones’s? Perhaps you have an urge to make or repair things on your own. Whatever your dream may be, you need to be sure that it is grounded in reality before you part with your hard-earned money.

Where to look?

Where should you look for your dream getaway? This depends on a bunch of factors, not the least of which is how much you can afford. In general terms, the closer a cottage is to a major city, the more expensive it will be. On larger lakes, the prices will be higher, and some lakes (notably Lakes Muskoka, St. Joseph, and Rosseau in Muskoka) are favoured by the very rich, and prices will be out of sight.

For useful information about 26 different cottage regions in Ontario, click on this link at Cottage Life magazine.

Some of the other major factors affecting your choice will be:

Once you have decided on the area in which you would like to buy, and the type of terrain you would prefer, the next step is to find an actual cottage property. For more information on this, continue here...

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